Can your employer cancel your health insurance?

Your health insurance rights depend on how big your employer is. According to the Affordable Care Act, large employers are required to provide health insurance for employees. Can your employer cancel your health insurance?

If your employer is a small enterprise, he may opt out of health insurance. The law is unclear whether you have the right to warn in advance.

Group health insurance is risky

One of the scariest things about group health insurance is that you don’t control the policy. Your employer may cancel the entire plan or change benefits at any time without notice or without notice.

There are many reasons why your employer may cancel your insurance:

  • Change to a new insurance company. Every year (and sometimes in the middle of the year), thousands of employers change health insurance companies (and cancel existing insurance) because of savings that the company brings or because the insurance company refused to renew the policy.
  • Failure to meet the requirements of an insurance company. If your health insurance provider reviews your plan and determines that your company does not meet the plan’s conditions, such as the 75% minimum requirement, the insurance company may cancel your entire company.
  • Missing payment. Retrospective payment of the bonus is permitted and there is no requirement to accept the bonus after the original deadline.
  • Move away from business. Every year between 10 and 12 percent of employers close – almost 1 million business closures a year.
Can your employer cancel your health insurance?

Group and individual insurance

Individual coverage is usually much more expensive than group coverage, and coverage limits are usually much lower than the limits offered under group coverage. For example, a group health insurance policy will often not have a limit on the total benefits you will receive during your lifetime, while individual insurance will often limit your total benefits to USD 500,000. However, the regulations that give you the right to switch to individual health care usually do not require you to lose your job.

If your employer cancels group health insurance but still employs you – an increasingly frequent situation – these laws may give you the right to switch to individual insurance until you find a better insurance offer or work with better health insurance benefits. Usually, you can find provisions that guarantee the right to transform group health insurance into individual in the laws regulating the state insurance industry. Some states have consumer complaint departments in their insurance departments that can help you with this.

In the event of loss of insurance

If you discover that your employer has secretly stopped your health insurance, contact your boss or human resources department and ask why. They may have a valid reason, but they made a mistake in the notification process. Suppose your health benefits covered an unemployed spouse who is now back at work. Many companies will not cover the insurance of a spouse who can take out insurance through their own employer.



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